China Best Sales Dz90149416023 4110001182012 4110001182133 Wheel Hub for CZPT Axle Lgmg Mt86 Mt86h Mt95 Mt96L Tonly 875 875b 883 885 dexter axle

Product Description

Product Description

who we are?
HangZhou Gem Auto Parts Co ltd do chinese truck parts market for many years, we supply sinotruk, CZPT truck, CZPT engine parts.FAST FC gearbox spare parts.we also the agent for ZheJiang CZPT copany. original parts with best price. we have manufactry ,can make as customer requirement.such as quality and custormized.

Our company was founed in 2017 for importation,but have more than 20 years experience on domestic mining truck,construction machine and chinese truck spare parts selling. specialized in various types of heavy trucks. is 1 of the leading manufacture, wholesaler, trader and exporter of diesel engine spare parts, trasmission gearbox spare parts mining truck spare parts transit mixer spare parts, CZPT engine parts, crane spare parts and road roller spare parts components and assemblies for automotive application. with our sincere efforts, we have been CZPT to carve a niche for ourselves in this domain.

What We Have : Oem Spare Parts No System–You Can  Only Show Us Engine Namepalte Or Chassis No,We Will Response You Exactly Part No , Specification And Size.
What Quality We Have : We Are Engent Of CZPT And Fast Gearbox Original Spare Parts,  Original ,Oem ,Customized Quality Copy Abc
What Our Package: Wooden Box With Plastic,Paper Box ,Carton, Pallet With Plastic
What Our Payment: Lc And Tt ,and Wester Union and Installment. Long Time CZPT Distribution Give Credits 
What We Will Do: We Will Honest To Each Customers Of Quality  And Give Best Suggestion
What We Have In Stock: Fast Moving Items ,Such As  Filter , Fan Belt ,Body Spare Parts ,Sensor Valve Has In Stock  For Container Bulk Order ,We Need To Take Arround 10-30 Working Days 
What Our Exporting Port : FOB HangZhou port (Any Chinese port),Door to door to your warehouse,CIP,CIFand EXW
Why Our Price Has Advantage: We Are In HangZhou City Where Is Biggest Spare Parts Distribution City In China And Spare Parts Manufacture Center !!!!! 
Why Choose Us?
a) focused on chinese brand vehicle parts with 20 years’professional experiences,we have exported over  50 countries in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America. Our overseas authorized truck dealers and service dealers are all around the world.

b) auto parts exporter agent for many factory

c) professional work team with excellent service & fast response in 24 hours

d) 1 Diesel Filter Element
K6 Diesel Filter Element
1D air filter element 2754PU
61260 0571 1 fuel filter element
18 Primary fuel filter 1 Hydraulic Air Filter Element
412/419 Fuel Fine Filter Element
Filter Element 389-1085
4115 Internal Combustion Engine Control Unit 411 Internal Combustion Engine Support LGMG
4116 LGMG
411 LGMG
411 LGMG
rear shock absorber LGMG
411057155 rear shock absorber 411057155 LGMG
4115 DZ90149446 Cleaning Box Expansion Water Tank LGMG
271215711 Bolt 271215711 LGMG
4011 LGMG
401105717 Bolt 401105717 LGMG
401105718 Bolt 401105718 LGMG
4011 LGMG
4113 LGMG
4112 LGMG
4114 LGMG
4119 LGMG
4110 LGMG
4112 LGMG
4114 LGMG
4115 LGMG
411 LGMG
4111 LGMG
411 LGMG
4115 LGMG
16 Bolt 16 LGMG
55 Bolt 55 LGMG
56 Bolt 56 LGMG
41157119 LGMG
4116 Q1811645TF2 Bolt Q1811645TF2/4111 Bolt 4111 Bolt 4LGMG

15 135712000093A274 Adapter-Drive
16 135712000093A275 Seal-O-Ringo
17 135712000093A276 Impeller
18 135712000093A277 Dowel
19 135712000093A278 Ring-Retaining
20 135712000093A279 Hub-Impeller
21 135712000093A280 Washer-Hard
22 135712000093A281 Bolt-Sockethead
23 135712000093A282 Race-Brgthrust
24 135712000093A283 Bearing-Thrust
25 135712000093A284 Carrier-Stator
26 135712000093A285 Bearing-Thrust
27 135712000093A286 Stator-Converter
28 13571800571A Couplingas
29 135712000093A287 Bolt-Hexhead
30 135712000093A288 Ring-Sealmetal
31 135712000093A289 Retainer
32 135712000093A290 Seal-Oringo
33 135712000093A291 Plug-Ldstor
34 135712000093A292 Bolt-Hexsocket
35 135712000093A293 Bolt
36 135712000093A038 Washer
37 135712000093A294 Housingas
38 135712000093A295 Ring-Seal
39 135712000093A296 Piston-Clutch
40 135712000093A297 Ring-Seal
41 135712000093A298 Seal-O-Ring
42 135712000093A299 Plate-Splined
43 135712000093A300 Plate
44 135712000093A301 Disc-Friction
45 135712000093A302 Plate-Backing
46 135712000093A303 Turbine
47 135712000093A304 Hub-Turbine
48 135712000093A305 Race-Thrust
49 135712000093A306 Cam-Freewheel
50 135712000093A307 Roller-Freewheel
51 135712000093A308 Spring-Free Wheel
52 135712000093A309 Cup-Spltapered
53 135712000093A310 Cone-Spltapered
54 135712000093A311 Ring-Retaining
55 135712000093A312 Ring-Seal
56 135712000093A313 Seal-Liptype
57 135712000093A314 Slud-Straight
58 135712000093A038 Washer
59 135712000093A315 Nut-Hex
60 135712000093A571 Breatheras
61 135712000093A316 Bolt-Hexhead
62 135712000093A317 Housingas-TC
63 135712000093A571 Q-Ring
64 135712000093A318 Seal-O-Ringo
65 135712000093A319 Carrieras
66 135712000093A320 Gear
67 135712000093A321 Cone-Rollerbng
68 135712000093A322 Gear
69 135712000093A323 Shieldas
70 135712000093A324 Cup-Rollerbrg
71 135712000093A325 Cup-RWbearing
72 135712000093A326 Cone-Rirbearing
73 135712000093A327 Lock-Nut
74 135712000093A328 Bearing-Thrust
75 135712000093A329 Gasket
76 A210405000011 Washer
77 135712000093A330 Bolt-Sockethead
78 135712000093A331 Srator-Retarder
79 135712000093A332 Ring-Seal
80 135712000093A333 Rotor-Retarder
81 135712000093A334 Stator-Retarder
82 135712000093A335 Washer-Hard
83 135712000093A336 Bolt-Hexhead
84 135712000093A337 Plug-Ldstor
85 135712000093A338 Seal-O-Ringo
86 135712000093A339 Housingas
87 135712000093A340 Nut-Bearing Lock
88 135712000093A341 Seal-Q-Ringo
89 135712000093A342 Manifold
90 135712000093A343 Bolt-Hexhead
91 135712000093A344 Washer-Hard
92 135712000093A345 Bolt-Hexhead
93 135712000093A346 Bolt-Hexhead
94 135712000093A347 Race-Outer
95 135712000093A348 Bolt-Hexhead
96 135712000093A060 Manifold
97 135712000093A061 Gasket-Rearhsg
98 135712000093A062 Ring-Seal(Ext)
99 135712000093A063 Piston
100 135712000093A064 Ring-Seal(Int)
101 135712000093A065 Ring-Retaining
102 135712000093A066 Bearingas
103 135712000093A038 Washer
104 135712000093A067 Bolt-Hexhead
105 135712000093A068 Housing
106 135712000093A069 Rotor-Output
107 135712000093A070 Plug-Ldstar
108 135712000093A071 Seal-O-Ringo
109 135712000093A016 Oil Seal
110 135712000093A072 Plug-Ldstor
111 135712000093A011 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
112 135712000093A073 Carrier-Planet
113 135712000093A074 Bearing-RIr
114 135712000093A075 Shaft
115 135712000093A076 Gear-Planet
116 135712000093A077 Bearing-Spl
117 135712000093A078 Shaftas-Planet
118 135712000093A079 Disc-Thrust
119 135712000093A080 Gear-Ring
120 135712000093A081 Plate-Clutch
121 135712000093A082 Plate-Clutch
122 135712000093A083 Disc-Friction
123 135712000093A084 Bearing-Thrust
124 135712000093A085 Spring
125 135712000093A086 Pin
126 135712000093A087 Plate-Clutch
127 135712000093A088 Pin
128 135712000093A089 Spring
129 135712000093A090 Gear-Ring
130 135712000093A091 Ring-Seal(Int)
131 135712000093A092 Piston
132 135712000093A093 Ring-Seal(Ext)
133 135712000093A094 Seal-O-Ringo
134 135712000093A341 Seal-O-Ringo
135 135712000093A095 Bolt-Hexhead
136 135712000093A344 Washer-Hard
137 135712000093A096 Bolt-Hexhead
138 135712000093A097 Plug-Ldstor
139 135712000093A098 Caseas-Xmsn
140 135712000093A099 Ring-Lock
141 135712000093A100 Carrier-Planet
142 135712000093A101 Ring-Retaining
143 135712000093A102 Plate-Clutch
144 135712000093A103 Pin-Spring
145 135712000093A104 Shaftas.-Planet
146 135712000093A105 Bearing
147 135712000093A106 Gear-Planet
148 135712000093A107 Disc-Thrust
149 135712000093A108 Bearing-Thrust
150 135712000093A109 Shaft-Center
151 135712000093A110 Camier-Bearing
152 135712000093A111 Gear-Sun
153 135712000093A112 Ring-Retaining
154 135712000093A082 Plate-Clutch
155 135712000093A083 Disc-Friction
156 135712000093A084 Bearing-Thrust
157 135712000093A087 Plate-Clutch
158 135712000093A088 Pin
159 135712000093A089 Spring
160 135712000093A091 Ring-Seal(Int)
161 135712000093A092 Piston
162 135712000093A093 Ring-Seal(Ext)
163 135712000093A099 Ring-Lock
164 135712000093A103 Pin-Spring
165 135712000093A113 Spring-Wave
166 135712000093A114 Couplng
167 135712000093A115 Carrieras
168 135712000093A116 Disc-Thrust
169 135712000093A117 Bearing-Riras
170 135712000093A118 Gear-Planet
171 135712000093A119 Shaftas.Planet
172 135712000093A120 Disc-Thrust
173 135712000093A121 Hubas
174 135712000093A122 Seal-Q-Ringo
175 135712000093A123 Cone-Taperedrlr
176 135712000093A124 Cup-Taperedrlr
177 135712000093A125 Seal-O-Ringo
178 135712000093A126 Seal-O-Ringo
179 135712000093A127 Housing-Seal
180 135712000093A128 Screw-Trusshea M8X1
181 135712000093A129 Ring-Metalseal
182 135712000093A130 Ring-Seal
183 135712000093A131 Hub
184 135712000093A132 Seal-Oringo
185 135712000093A133 Plate-Clutch
186 135712000093A134 Ring-Seal
187 135712000093A135 Plate-Clutch
188 135712000093A136 Bearing-Needle
189 135712000093A137 Ring-Lock
190 135712000093A138 Disc-Thrust
191 135712000093A139 Ring-Seal(Ext)
192 135712000093A140 Piston
193 135712000093A141 Spring-Coned
194 135712000093A142 Piston
195 135712000093A143 Ring-Seal(Ext)
196 135712000093A144 Screw-Trusshead
197 135712000093A145 Gear-Sun
198 135712000093A328 Bearing-Thrust
199 135712000093A146 Washer-Hard
200 135712000093A147 Bolt
201 135712000093A148 Manifoldas.
202 135712000093A074 Bearing-Rlr
203 135712000093A108 Bearing-Thrust
204 135712000093A328 Bearing-Thrust
205 135712000093A149 Shaftas
206 135712000093A150 Seal-Oringo
207 135712000093A151 Ring-Seal
208 135712000093A152 Ring-Seal(Ext)
209 135712000093A153 Piston
210 135712000093A154 Spring-Wave
211 135712000093A155 Ring-Spacer
212 135712000093A156 Ring-Retaining
213 135712000093A157 Hub-Clutch
214 135712000093A158 Ring-Retaining
215 135712000093A159 Plate-Clutch
216 135712000093A160 Disc-Friction
217 135712000093A161 Plate-Reaction
218 135712000093A162 Ring-Retaining
219 135712000093A329 Gasket
220 135712000093A163 Bearing-Inner
221 135712000093A164 Ring-Seal
222 135712000093A165 Seal-O-Ringo
223 135712000093A166 Adapter-Str
224 135712000093A167 Seal-O-Ringo
225 135712000093A168 Pumpgp-Gr1
226 135712000093A038 Washer
227 135712000093A169 Bolt-Hexhead
228 135712000093A170 Tubeas
229 135712000093A171 Plate
230 135712000093A172 Boll-Hexhead
231 135712000093A038 Washer
232 135712000093A173 Cover
233 135712000093A174 Gasket
234 135712000093A175 Bolt-Hexhead
235 A210405000001 Washer
236 135712000093A176 Coveras-Rear
237 135712000093A177 Seal-Oringo
238 135712000093A178 Yoke
239 135712000093A015 Seal-O-Ringo
240 135712000093A013 Retainer
241 135712000093A014 Bolt
242 135712000093A179 Seal-O-Ringo
243 135712000093A180 Housing-Screen
244 135712000093A181 Bolt
245 A210405000011 Washer
246 135712000093A182 Adapter-Elbow45
247 135712000093A338 Seal-O-Ringo
248 135712000093A183 Seal-O-Ring-Orfso
249 135712000093A184 Adapter-Str
250 135712000093A205 Seal-O-Ringo
251 135712000093A207 Seal-O-Ringo
252 135712000093A185 Tubeas
253 135712000093A186 Seal-O-Ringo
254 135712000093A187 Seal-Oringo
255 135712000093A188 Plug-Ldstor
256 135712000093A030 O-Ring
257 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
258 135712000093A190 Guard
259 135712000093A191 Bolt-Hexhead
260 135712000093A192 Washer-Hard
261 135712000093A193 Hexagon Headed Bolt
262 135712000093A194 Bolt-Hexhead
263 135712000093A195 Bolt-Hexhead
264 135712000093A196 Cover
265 135712000093A197 Boll-Hexhead
266 135712000093A571 O-Ring
267 135712000093A026 Screen-Suction
268 135712000093A571 Filter-Magnetic
269 135712000093A198 Bolt-Hexhead
270 135712000093A199 Bolt-Hexhead
271 135712000093A200 Bolt-Hexhead
272 135712000093A038 Washer
273 135712000093A201 Plug-Ldstor
274 135712000093A206 Seal
275 135712000093A202 Pan-Oi
276 135712000093A203 Plug-Ldstor
277 135712000093A204 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
278 135712000093A571 O-Ring
279 135712000093A208 Washer
280 135712000093A209 Bolt-Sockethd
281 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
282 135712000093A191 Bolt-Hexhead
283 135712000093A210 Seal-O-Ringo
284 135712000093A211 Clamp
285 135712000093A212 Adapter
286 135712000093A007 Dipstick
287 135712000093A213 Seal-O-Ringo
288 135712000093A214 Bolt-Hexhead
289 135712000093A038 Washer
290 135712000093A215 Bolt-Hexhead
291 135712000093A216 Clip
292 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
293 135712000093A005 Switchas
294 135712000093A017 Cap-Dust
295 135712000093A218 Niooleas-Qdisc
296 135712000093A338 Seal-O-Ringo
297 135712000093A219 Filtergp-Oil-D
298 135712000093A221 Baseas-Fitr
299 135712000093A220 Housingas-Fltr
300 135712000093A008 Sensorgp-Spd-A
301 135712000093A009 Seal-O-Ringo
302 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
303 135712000093A222 Boll-Hexhead
304 135712000093A223 Screw
305 135712000093A224 Lock Nut
306 135712000093A225 Mount
307 135712000093A226 Spacer-Exhaust
308 135712000093A192 Washer-Hard
309 135712000093A227 Bolt, Hexagon
310 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
311 135712000093A228 Clip-Ladder
312 135712000093A229 Cap-Connector
313 135712000093A001 Contgp-E
314 135712000093A230 Harnessas
315 135712000093A231 Strap-Cable
316 135712000093A232 Clip-Ladder
317 135712000093A233 Clip-Ladder
318 135712000093A011 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
319 135712000093A571 Sensor-Temp
320 135712000093A234 Clip-Ladder
321 135712000093A191 Bolt-Hexhead
322 135712000093A235 Bolt-Hexhead
323 135712000093A017 Cap-Dust
324 135712000093A236 Seal-O-Ringo
325 135712000093A006 Valvegp-Mdl-C
326 135712000093A216 Clip
327 135712000093A237 Wireas
328 135712000093A238 Seal-O-Ringo
329 135712000093A072 Plug-Ldstor
330 135712000093A012 Sensorgp-Spd-A
331 135712000093A255 Valvegp-RIf-B
332 135712000093A008 Sensorgp-Spd-A
333 135712000093A009 Seal-O-Ringo
334 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
335 135712000093A222 Bolt-Hexhead
336 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
337 135712000093A232 Clip-Ladder
338 135712000093A233 Clip-Ladder

339 135712000093A011 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
340 135712000093A571 Sensor-Temp
341 135712000093A017 Cap-Dust
342 135712000093A239 Bolt-Hexhead
343 135712000093A218 Niooleas-Qdisc
344 135712000093A240 Clip-Ladder
345 135712000093A241 Valvegp-Rtd
346 135712000093A242 Seal-O-Ringo
347 135712000093A243 Bolt-Hexhead
348 135712000093A038 Washer
349 135712000093A097 Plug-Ldstor
350 135712000093A071 Seal-O-Ringo
351 135712000093A019 Plate-Separator
352 135712000093A571 Gasketas
353 135712000093A571 Seal-Oringo
354 135712000093A244 Valvegp-RIf-C
355 135712000093A245 Washer-Hard
356 135712000093A246 Bolt
357 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
358 135712000093A247 Washer-Hard
359 135712000093A248 Bolt-Shoulder
360 135712000093A249 Bracket
361 135712000093A250 Sensoras
362 135712000093A251 Valveas
363 135712000093A252 Valve-Relief
364 135712000093A253 Seal-Oringo
365 135712000093A254 Ring-Retaining
366 135712000093A256 Shaft As.
367 135712000093A257 Ring-Retaining
368 135712000093A258 Bearing-Ball
369 135712000093A259 Ring-Retaining
370 135712000093A036 Adapter Flywheel Housing
371 135712000093A035 Adapter Tc
372 135712000093A040 Bolt
373 135712000093A031 Plate Coupling
374 135712000093A032 Plate Washer
375 135712000093A033 Adapter Flywheel
376 135712000093A034 Plate Washer
377 135712000093A039 Bolt
378 135712000093A037 Bolt
379 135712000093A038 Washer
380 135712000093A041 Bolt

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Certification: CCC, ISO9001, CE
Standard Component: Standard Component
Technics: Press
Material: Steel
Type: Hub
Quality: 100% Professional Test


Customized Request

axle hub

Can you recommend reliable brands for purchasing replacement axle hubs?

When it comes to purchasing replacement axle hubs, there are several reliable brands known for their quality and durability. Here are some recommended brands:

  • Timken: Timken is a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality bearings and hub assemblies. They have a reputation for producing reliable and long-lasting products. Timken axle hubs are widely used in the automotive industry and are trusted by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Moog: Moog is another reputable brand that offers a wide range of suspension and steering components, including axle hubs. Moog axle hubs are known for their precision engineering, excellent build quality, and reliable performance. They are designed to meet or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications and are a popular choice among car owners.
  • ACDelco: ACDelco is a trusted brand that provides a comprehensive range of automotive replacement parts. Their axle hubs are designed to deliver reliable performance and durability. ACDelco axle hubs are often recommended for their compatibility with various vehicle makes and models, making them a reliable choice for replacement.
  • SKF: SKF is a well-established brand with a strong reputation in the automotive industry. They are known for their high-quality bearings and hub assemblies, including axle hubs. SKF axle hubs are engineered to provide excellent performance and longevity. They are often regarded as a premium option for those seeking reliable replacement parts.
  • NTN: NTN is a trusted manufacturer of bearings and hub assemblies. They offer a range of axle hubs that are designed to meet stringent quality standards. NTN axle hubs are known for their durability and precise fitment, making them a reliable choice for replacement in various vehicles.

It’s important to note that the availability of specific brands may vary depending on your location and the make and model of your vehicle. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to consult with a trusted mechanic or do thorough research to ensure the compatibility of the axle hubs with your vehicle before making a purchase.

In summary, some reliable brands for purchasing replacement axle hubs include Timken, Moog, ACDelco, SKF, and NTN. These brands have a solid reputation for producing high-quality and durable axle hubs, making them trusted choices for maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s axle system.

axle hub

Where can I find a comprehensive guide for DIY replacement of an axle hub?

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to assist you with the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) replacement of an axle hub, there are several reliable sources you can refer to. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  • Manufacturer’s Service Manual: The first and most authoritative source of information for any vehicle repair or maintenance task is the manufacturer’s service manual. The service manual provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and specifications specific to your vehicle’s make, model, and year. It covers all aspects of the vehicle, including axle hub replacement procedures. You can usually obtain the manufacturer’s service manual from the vehicle manufacturer’s official website or through authorized dealerships.
  • Online Repair Guides: Many reputable automotive websites and forums offer comprehensive online repair guides. These guides often include step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photographs or illustrations, to help you through the process of replacing an axle hub. Some websites compile user-contributed guides, while others are created by automotive professionals. Popular sources for online repair guides include AutoZone, RepairPal, and iFixit.
  • Video Tutorials: Video tutorials can be invaluable resources for visual learners. Websites like YouTube host a wide range of DIY automotive repair videos that cover various tasks, including axle hub replacement. Watching a video tutorial can provide a clear demonstration of the required steps, tools, and techniques involved in the process. You can search for specific video tutorials by using keywords such as “DIY axle hub replacement” along with your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Automotive Forums: Online automotive forums are communities where enthusiasts and professionals share knowledge and experiences. Forums like Reddit’s r/MechanicAdvice, Automotive Forums, or specific forums dedicated to your vehicle’s make or model can be excellent sources of information. You can search or post questions specific to axle hub replacement, and experienced members may provide detailed guidance, tips, or even links to comprehensive guides they have found useful.
  • Library Resources: Public libraries often have a selection of automotive repair manuals and guides available for borrowing. These printed resources can provide comprehensive instructions and illustrations for various repair tasks, including axle hub replacement. Look for repair manuals specific to your vehicle’s make, model, and year in the automotive section of your local library.

When using any guide or resource for DIY repairs, it’s important to exercise caution and ensure your own safety. Follow all recommended safety procedures, use the appropriate tools, and take necessary precautions. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with any aspect of the repair process, it is advisable to seek assistance from a qualified mechanic or professional technician.

In summary, a comprehensive guide for DIY replacement of an axle hub can be found in various sources such as the manufacturer’s service manual, online repair guides, video tutorials, automotive forums, and library resources. These resources provide step-by-step instructions and guidance to help you successfully replace an axle hub. Remember to prioritize safety and seek professional help if needed.

axle hub

How do changes in wheel offset affect the angles and performance of axle hubs?

Changes in wheel offset can have a significant impact on the angles and performance of axle hubs. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Wheel offset refers to the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the mounting surface. It determines how far the wheel and tire assembly will be positioned in relation to the axle hub. There are three types of wheel offsets: positive offset, zero offset, and negative offset.

Here’s how changes in wheel offset can affect the angles and performance of axle hubs:

  • Camber Angle: Camber angle refers to the inward or outward tilt of the wheel when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Changes in wheel offset can impact the camber angle. Increasing positive offset or reducing negative offset typically results in more positive camber, while increasing negative offset or reducing positive offset leads to more negative camber. Improper camber angle can cause uneven tire wear, reduced traction, and handling issues.
  • Track Width: Wheel offset affects the track width, which is the distance between the centerlines of the left and right wheels. Wider track width can improve stability and cornering performance. Increasing positive offset or reducing negative offset generally widens the track width, while increasing negative offset or reducing positive offset narrows it.
  • Steering Geometry: Changes in wheel offset also impact the steering geometry of the vehicle. Altering the offset can affect the scrub radius, which is the distance between the tire contact patch and the steering axis. Changes in scrub radius can influence steering effort, feedback, and stability. It’s important to maintain the appropriate scrub radius for optimal handling and performance.
  • Wheel Bearing Load: Wheel offset affects the load applied to the wheel bearings. Increasing positive offset or reducing negative offset generally increases the load on the inner wheel bearing, while increasing negative offset or reducing positive offset increases the load on the outer wheel bearing. Proper wheel bearing load is crucial for their longevity and performance.
  • Clearance and Interference: Changes in wheel offset can also impact the clearance between the wheel and suspension components or bodywork. Insufficient clearance due to excessive positive offset or inadequate clearance due to excessive negative offset can lead to rubbing, interference, or potential damage to the axle hub, suspension parts, or bodywork.

It’s important to note that any changes in wheel offset should be done within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications or in consultation with knowledgeable professionals. Deviating from the recommended wheel offset can lead to adverse effects on the axle hub angles and performance, as well as other aspects of the vehicle’s handling and safety.

When modifying wheel offset, it is crucial to consider the overall impact on the vehicle’s suspension geometry, clearance, and alignment. It may be necessary to make corresponding adjustments to maintain proper alignment angles, such as camber, toe, and caster, to ensure optimal tire wear, handling, and performance.

In summary, changes in wheel offset can have a significant impact on the angles and performance of axle hubs. They can affect camber angles, track width, steering geometry, wheel bearing load, and clearance. It is important to adhere to manufacturer’s specifications and consult with knowledgeable professionals when considering changes in wheel offset to ensure proper alignment, optimal performance, and safe operation of the vehicle.

China Best Sales Dz90149416023 4110001182012 4110001182133 Wheel Hub for CZPT Axle Lgmg Mt86 Mt86h Mt95 Mt96L Tonly 875 875b 883 885   dexter axleChina Best Sales Dz90149416023 4110001182012 4110001182133 Wheel Hub for CZPT Axle Lgmg Mt86 Mt86h Mt95 Mt96L Tonly 875 875b 883 885   dexter axle
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